Working in a Group

Research supports what teachers already know: working collaboratively with other teachers enhances professional development. Working in collaborative groups enhances collegial relationships, builds awareness of research-based practices and reforms, increases knowledge of school-wide issues, and improves teachers’ capacity to undertake instructional improvement.
Make your learning experience in a collaborative group as effective as possible by observing the following guidelines:
  1. A group leader should be selected who emails the names of all group participants and the name of the course being taken to the course instructor prior to the first group meeting.
  2. The group may contain no more than 4 group members.
  3. There should be a minimum of 4 group meetings during which the course content is discussed.
  4. Each participant must attend at least 75% of the group meetings (a minimum of 3 if 4 meetings).
  5. You may join three collaboration groups per calendar year.
  6. All participants are to remain active in the group and are to complete the course at the same time.
  7. Each group member will individually complete all of the required readings and/or viewing assignments for the course. .
  8. Each group member will author their own unique Integration Paper.  (Final paper)
  9. Each participant must post the group response for all assignments in their individual online response boxes.
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