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The goal of Innovative Professional Development is to provide a platform and community from which educators can connect with like-minded individuals and receive on-site training and support.

Executive Summary

ism-macThe landscape of education is changing at exponentially increasing rates. Students today have unparalleled opportunities to connect, to construct, shape and pilot the course their learning will take. Teachers are tasked like never before with providing a challenging and thought-provoking curriculum and environment in which students can thrive. The goal of Innovative Professional Development is to provide a platform and community from which schools can connect with like-minded educators and gain hands-on knowledge and understandings needed to navigate this dynamic environment. We provide an online platform and location for instructors to design, create and host their own courses.

Individuals looking for interesting professional development opportunities can select from a wide range of courses to suit their needs and busy schedules. All content is freely available and participants have the option to purchase instructor guidance and graduate credit.

IPD Information

  • Founded: 2013
  • Registered: Limited Liability Company, Oregon, USA
  • Founders: Michael Boll, David Collett, Brandon Hoover
  • Positions:
    • CEO: Michael Boll (
    • CFO: David Collett (
    • CTO: Brandon Hoover (
  • Email:





Brandon Hoover

Co-founder IPD

self-portrait-twitterBrandon Hoover is the HS IT Curriculum Director at International School Manila, Program Leader for the Design and Technology Dept, an Apple Distinguished Educator, and COETAIL alumnus and instructor. He has been in international education since 2002, having spent 7 years in Jakarta as an IT Director and Instructional Technology teacher, and has called Manila, Philippines home since 2009.

Brandon is also a passionate photographer with works published worldwide with exhibitions shown in the U.S. and Asia. His photos and writing have been published on CNN International, Yahoo!, and the United Nations. He is looking forward to offering courses through IPD related to visual literacy, design and digital photography.

In addition to his educational background, Brandon holds degrees in Engineering and Industrial Design with a Fine Arts major.

Twitter: javajive
Photos: 500px | Flickr | SmugMug
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Michael Boll

Co-founder IPD


Michael Boll is an Apple Distinguished Educator, Podcaster and Technology Coach at Concordia International School Shanghai. He enjoys helping educators, parents and students harness the transformative powers of technology.

Michael has taught numerous professional development courses including as an EARCOS Pre Conference Presenter, Weekend Workshop Leader and Learning 2.0 Cohort Leader. He has been teaching overseas for many years and his teaching past includes posts in Saudi Arabia, Jakarta International School and Concordia International School, Shanghai.

He loves to design courses for IPD and is particularly focused on helping beginners. He came to IPD to help with the mission of facilitating outstanding professional growth opportunities for all teachers.

Michael lives in Shanghai and on the weekends you might see him taking walks with his son, biking around the city or continuing to try to understand why the drivers in China always turn right on red.

Podcast: Concordia EdTech Podcast
Twitter: @Autismpodcast
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David Collett

Co-founder IPD

David is from New Zealand but has lived internationally his whole life. Currentlypic teaching at the International School of Manila, Philippines as a High School IT Integrator and Theory of Knowledge teacher, he has previously taught at the American School of Doha, Qatar and North Jakarta International School, Indonesia.

David is involved in facilitating Understanding by Design 101 curriculum planning courses and presents at EARCOS and regional conferences on a range of topics.

Outside of the teaching space, David is the co-owner and director of a small boutique hotel in Bali, Indonesia which caters to tourists and school groups who wish to experience the local culture of Bali.

David is currently pursuing his Doctorate of Education with a double concentration in Instructional Technology and Distance Learning, and Educational Leadership. His dissertation topic is: The experience of social identity for Third Culture Kids who use Online Social Networking.

IT Integrator/TOK teacher: International School Manila
Director: Alam Sari hotel, Bali
Twitter: @DavidCollett
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Apple Professional Development

IPD offers professional development training, support and on-site consultation based around the implementation of Apple’s unique offerings in the educational realm. These services are led by Apple Professional Development Specialists and Apple Distinguished Educators currently teaching with more than a decade of experience working in international education across Southeast Asia.


The following workshop categories provide a foundation from which schools can embark on a journey with Apple, guided by our professional trainers. Through the workflow listed below, IPD will evaluate and devise a custom plan for the specific needs of your institution. 


These hands-on sessions focus primarily on building skills and confidence with the use of Apple’s products in the classroom. Real-world scenarios are discussed meeting the specific needs of teachers working in the Philippines.

Support Staff

The ability to support teachers in the classroom is the focal point of this workshop with hands-on examples of assisting teachers and students with Apple’s educational solutions.

Curriculum Alignment

These workshops meet the diverse needs of schools looking to build a solid pedagogical understanding of the basics elements of integrating Apple technologies into the curriculum. From the evaluation and pre-assessment stages, IPD will provide tailored solutions to match the desired outcomes of the school.


Building long-term visions and goals for technology is critical in education. This session provides school leaders with the chance to build this vision, and to begin plotting the course the school will follow. Specific strategies for leading teachers through this journey with Apple will be planned.


IPD offers a thorough process for all aspects of training and development. We have streamlined our workflow to include the following primary stages.

Consultation and Pre-assessment

Our goal in this stage is to get to know the school, the faculty and listen to the needs and desires of the institution.

Evaluation and Recommendations

With the information provided by the school, we will work together to devise a plan clearly stating the vision that is desired and plot a course to achieve it through Apple’s educational solutions.


This stage is reserved for the planning and logistics of the training. We will establish a time-line and specific plans for each workshop.


The heart of our training is the hands-on training and development.

Assessment and Review

We will reflect on the process and training thus far and evaluate the success of the program at this stage. From here we will decide if additional training is desired, and gauge the alignment of the school’s visions with the outcomes.

Extended Services

To further assist educators to stay current and relevant in this dynamic and changing environment, Innovative Professional Development offers online university accredited courses in a variety of areas related to education.

Additional Details

While we strive to accommodate the diverse needs of all institutions, we do ask that the following pre-requisites exist to best utilize time and efficiency in the workshop experience:

Site and Technical Requirements

  • Wireless internet access in the workshop location
  • Projector and speakers


  • We strongly encourage a maximum of 20 participants per workshop
  • Workshop length: 1, 2, or 3 days (6 hours per day)

Individual participant requirements:

  • A Mac computer or an activated second-generation iPad or newer (depending on the training requested)
  • The Mac computers and iPads need to have the latest versions of the software required (to be determined by the hardware/software, workshop and training requested)


Innovative Professional Development will provide an estimate of the total cost upon completion of the initial pre-assessment and consultation. Upon acceptance of the terms, the amount due shall be paid in full prior to the first workshop. Payment details will be provided during the consultation.

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