Instructor Newsletter | August 2014

What’s New

Summer seems to have passed by and we are packing up to head back to Shanghai. Off to the land of difficult Internet. To prepare, I just renewed my subscription to my favorite VPN.

 On the upside, I did managed to complete the Bend Ale Trail.  Five pounds gained and much money lost.

Marketing News

While we have great courses, getting the word out about these courses to people is always the trickiest part for a newer platform.


Currently we have a marketing relationship with The Heritage Institute (THI)  and SUNY Buffalo where they provide graduate credit for our courses. THI maintains a large mailing list and yearly catalog where they feature a bunch of courses. It is a powerful marketing tool for instructors like you. The majority of my new signups come via The Heritage Institute. In fact, this summer I had 25 new students sign up for courses. I was very busy! 

NMC Academy 

Our newest relationship is with the New Media Consortium; creators of the Horizon Report.  I attended their conference in Portland this summer and had a chat with the director of the NMC Academy; the course content creation arm of NMC. They are very interested in courses from IPD and the IPD instructors. While the traditional IPD course requires feedback from instructors, these courses will not require it. NMC will host and then link to IPD for the content.

What does this mean for IPD Instructors?  Mostly a marketing engine. NMC is very popular among educators and by having content on the site, it will naturally draw more traffic to your particular course and what you are teaching.

If you are interested in participating in the NMC Academy opportunity, shoot me an email. 

As always, feel free to stay in touch with any questions or just to say hi.



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