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How do I leave a comment in a lesson?

To leave a comment in a lesson the user must be registered with the site and logged in.

You can register here.

You can login here.

Have additional questions or stuck on something?  Feel free to emails us:



The Heritage Institute (3)

How does The Heritage Institute (THI) and IPD work together?

THI is one of our awesome graduate partners and lets us provide graduate credit opportunities for certain courses.

How do I request a transcript with THI?

Transcripts are available by going to this link.

I am a Heritage (THI) student and I don’t see the comment box

To fully take advantage of the course,  THI students should complete the following steps.

  1. “Purchase” the course.  Your instructor will send you a discount coupon for the full amount of the course.  This tutorial will help you.
  2. Login to the course here.
  3. Enjoy!

Have additional questions or stuck on something?  Feel free to email us:

IPD Instructor Support (1)

Who Owns The Instructor Content?

All instructor created content is owned by the instructor (that would be you) and is yours to keep forever and ever.  IPD acts as a platform and distribution system for your content.  We also provide course building and marketing support.


We have lots of fun doing it!

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