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Thanks for accepting our interview request to be part of the “An EdTech Minute” show on the BAM Radio Network. To save on the back and forth that comes with setting an interview time and requesting the necessary information needed in post production, we have set up this handy form to make it easier. Please complete the form below.

1. Interview Time

Please click on this link


How long does the interview last? Interviews last about 10 minutes in length. What types of questions do you ask? While we do not have a specific list of questions that we ask for each show, here is a typical set of questions:

  •  Give us a 30 second description of your platform. Basically an elevator pitch
  • Why did you decide to start?
  • What surprised you about how it evolved?
  • What are some use cases?
  • Is there a particular story or individual user that stands out in your memory?
  • Where do you hope to be in 5-10 years?

Who are you?

Who is the audience?

When will it be posted?

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