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Compass Education Level 2: Applied Systems Thinking

by IPD Team 6 Lessons in ,

During this course participants will explore the concept of sustainability with specific emphasis on the role of education and the use of systems thinking to enhance student learning. Systems thinking tools and methods will be demonstrated and participants will have the opportunity to explore their practical application. The aim of the course is for participants to leave with a deeper understanding of sustainability, a greater awareness of their own systems contexts, skill in using systems thinking tools and the ability to successfully incorporate and align sustainability with existing curriculum.

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The Digital Revolution, Your Classroom and You

by Michael Boll 15 Lessons in

In just a short 10 years the world has been rocked by a digital, social media revolution that is changing the face of societies and education. We are just beginning to understand what all this means for society, ourselves and our students. Come along as we explore this digital revolution and its impact on political evolution, social identity and the world of education. We explore how massive social media companies like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat and more enable an expanded sense of identity and communication, and altering old social structures, norms and practices. This course is appropriate for all teachers K-12.

Introducing Video Production to the Elementary Classroom

by Jeffrey 8 Lessons in ,

More and more content, ideas and global communication through video is being added to our global information resource, the Internet. Increasingly, video is being used as a means to share, teach and learn. Schools do a good job of preparing students to both consume and produce in language arts through reading, watching plays, listening to speeches and by writing, performing and public speaking. To keep up with the every increasing digitization of our world, students need to be taught how to consume, or read, videos and how to produce their own videos to convey those same ideas that previously would be shared through writing and speaking. This course will prepare you, as a teacher, to bring video production into your class and allow your students to be creators who share their ideas and learning through video to anyone who they wish.

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Classroom Management That Works

by Wayne Russell 13 Lessons in ,

Are you ready to focus on the best management and discipline practices in elementary and secondary classrooms? Want to create positive learning communities, organize and successfully manage classrooms, respond effectively to disruptive behaviors, and ultimately maximize instructional time? If you answered yes to all or some of the above, then come join us as we create a practical and comprehensive classroom management plan.

Bringing Digital Badges and Micro-credentialing to Your Classsroom

by Michael Boll 12 Lessons in ,

Recognition is one of the biggest motivators for people. Being singled out for excellence among your peers is incredibly motivating. For many years, badges, pins, medals, plaques and other pieces of paper have been given to people to recognize their achievements. However, it is hard to share this recognition with others in a virtual way. Especially on your website, Facebook, Twitter, Linked In or other social networks Thanks to the Mozilla Foundation, we have a better better way: Digital Badges!

Introduction to Photography: Learning to See Photographically

by IPD Team 11 Lessons in

Digital photography has seen explosive growth over the past decade and yet very few people really stop to consider how they could use photography to communicate more effectively. In this introductory course, participants will begin to develop a better understanding of the elements that go into creating interesting and meaningful photographs. Ultimately the hope is that you will not only learn how to see photography differently but to learn to see the world differently!

International Teaching: Curriculum, Differentiation and Assessment

by IPD Team 12 Lessons in

In this course, participants will have the chance to explore three of the core elements of International School teaching. These elements are curriculum planning using the Understanding by Design framework, differentiating for student learning and standards based instruction. While this course offers an abridged exploration of these topics, the aim is to provide participants with an understanding of the methods and practices of international teaching so that they are ready to delve deeper into the strategies upon their arrival at their new schools.

Taking Control of Your Digital Life

by Michael Boll 11 Lessons in

Modern day humanoids find themselves overwhelmed with the sheer volume of input and digital communication that flows in each day. Email, instant messages, and the Internet have made access to information (and you) far too easy. “I only have 54 emails left to answer” is too often the depressing indicator of a successful day.

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Build Your Website Now!

by Michael Boll 16 Lessons in

Today it is easier than ever to create your own website. Thanks to a global communication revolution, you can now communicate with parents, students, other teachers and the rest of the world like never before. This course will teach you to use Wordpress; one of the best and most popular website development platforms on the planet. The website you are looking at right now was developed in Wordpress. In fact, Wordpress powers almost 25% of the world's websites!

Power Up With Web 2.0

by Michael Boll 15 Lessons in

Twitter, Delicious, WordPress, Wikis, blogging, RSS; these terms may sound familiar, but are you using them to enhance your classroom and learning opportunities as a professional? If the answer to that question is no, maybe, or not as much as I would like, then this course is for you.Come along and join the fun as we explore how to wrap many powerful web 2.0 technologies into a useable and functional system that will support you as an educator. This course will ultimately change how you view technology and enable you to design a website and personal learning network (PLN). Many assignments are packaged into individual modules that build upon each other. Modules become more complex as you proceed, but each previous module prepares you for the next one.

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