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Pedagogical Foundations of Instructional Technology

In the study of Instructional Technology it is important to couch the practice in its requisite and inseparable pedagogical approaches. While it can be emotionally tempting to believe that technology is separate and a game changing element of education not tied to the fundamentals, if you have read the previous posts, it is clear that this is far from the case. As such an understanding of the approaches to pedagogy is important to contextualize the practice of effective Instructional Technology. Continue reading

What is Educational Technology Anyway?

In this post I aim to broadly define and place Education Technology in context as it is understood by current accepted research and practice. I predominantly reference Januszewski and Molenda’s book, available on Kindle and referenced below. The authors are prominent academics specializing in Educational Technology and Constructivist Theory. The book is one of the core readings of postgraduate courses on the Instructional and Educational Technology fields. Continue reading