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Hey Everyone,

The summer is winding down for most of us in international education, and hopefully you’re gearing up for a great year ahead.
Personally I took a massive road trip across the U.S. (4,000 miles), spending time in Santa Fe, Durango and hiking in Utah’s national parks. Quite a striking difference to the heavily metropolitan lifestyle many of us lead during the school year! I’ll share some photos soon here.

Featured Course

Each new school year brings about a wave of change and opportunities for professional development. It’s a great time to up your own game as well. If you have teachers in your school who are newer to international education or would like to refine their practice, or revisit topics such as UbD and Differentiation, we have a course that fits perfectly: International Teaching: Curriculum, Differentiation and Assessment – taught by IPD’s David Collett and Kelly Arndt.
IPD Current Projects

We mentioned this previously, but it’s worth revisiting: IPD is participating in The New Media Consortium Horizon Report: International Schools in Asia edition. If you don’t know about The Horizon Report, you should! Check it out here to find out whats trending in education technology and what the next big thing will be in the coming years. Our very own Michael Boll is heading up the project and David Collett is on the editorial team. Watch this space for the final report when it is compiled.

Tech Tip

Many of our schools are heavily involved with Google Apps for Education, and as such, I thought I’d share some excellent new/tips that just came my way (via David).

Edit and share MS Office files from Google without Office


A struggle that many students and teachers share in the shift to Google Apps is that MS Word is still very frequently used – and it presents an unnecessary complication to our workflow when sharing/editing/conversions are involved. Now Google allows you to edit Word docs via the web or mobile apps – and you can send them back to the original sender in the original format!

Another feature that Google has rolled out will definitely help teachers and students: the ability to add suggestions that can be accepted or rejected. From Google:

Suggested Edits: a new way to collaborate 
People love using Docs because it’s so easy to work together in one place, rather than making edits and giving feedback by emailing multiple versions of the same document.

But sometimes instead of giving your collaborators free reign to edit away, you’d rather they make suggestions that you can accept or reject later. That’s why today we’re excited to add Suggested Edits in Docs. This new feature is now available for anyone with commenting access in Google Docs on the web, and is coming soon to our mobile apps.

Interested In Taking A Course?

Check out our growing list of free and accredited learning opportunities here!

Have Something To Teach?


You know the whole mission behind IPD is to provide a platform for teachers like you to share your brilliance with the rest of us.  Ever thought of teaching a course?  We are always looking to support people like you.  Find out more here.
Have a wonderful start to the new school year and as always, feel free to stay in touch.



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